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All of The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

I’m sharing the best essential oils for sleep, the different ways you can use oils, ideas for ways to incorporate essential oils into your bedtime routine, and a list of 21 diffuser blends for bedtime!

25+ Books for Toddlers About Death and Sibling Loss

Books are a great tool to help children understand death and process their grief, but after Rory died I struggled to find stories that would be appropriate for our 2 year old daughter. Many children’s books are just a bit too advanced for a toddler’s comprehension.

A Brief Glimpse into Grief

The other day a best friend asked how I was doing, and I knew she meant for real. She’s one of the good ones. The honest ones. The ones that aren’t afraid to dig in deep, or sit in silence. She’s one who shows up. Who keeps asking, and offering, and just doing.

My 2020 Word for the Year

It seems to be a common trend to choose a single word for the new year. A single word that reflects our personal intentions for the entire year. This year, I’ve done it again.