Our Favorite 12 Month Baby Toys

It’s hard to believe Gemma Joan is almost one year old! It’s also hard to believe some of the new things she’s doing during play. Now that she’s a year old and walking, I thought it would be fun to provide an updated list of the toys and gear that keep her most entertained as of recently. Our list of favorite 12 month old baby toys includes plenty of walking toys for new walkers or soon to be walkers, and notice the “make believe” or “play” toys like a toy shopping cart and toy lawn mower.

My husband and I continue to watch her grow and develop and show off her new tricks as we like to call it, and we’re just constantly amazed by all that she can do. She’ll use her small hair brush to brush my hair. When she holds her play phone up to her ear, she says “Hi!”. She puts different shape blocks into the shaped holes. And she tries to put on her own shoes! Even more so, she loves to pick up shoes to put on our feet as well.

We don’t watch any baby TV and try our best to stay away from screens/YouTube, so our days at home are filled with playing, exploring, and being outside. I hope you find these 12 month old baby toys helpful!

Our Favorite Toys for Babies (12 Months)

Great Toys for New Walkers

Oh my, how big does she look standing at her big one year old table?

I know I’m supposed to be wrapping up, since I already shared my list of favorite products for the one year old age… but I can’t sign enough praises about this Skip Hop Explore 3-Stage Activity Center. It was great with the seat in place for when she was upright but not yet standing, and it’s even better now that we’ve converted it to the table. I can see her playing, coloring, and doing activities on this table for a few more years to come!

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