Our Favorite 6-9 Month Baby Toys

I’m not sure the exact moment that these baby toys became our household’s favorite baby toys, but Gemma is now 9.5 months old, and for at least a couple of months she has been absolutely obsessed with these toys.

Hint: they’re all classic, cheap, and simple. Not like the basket full of toys pictured above.

You’re probably wishing that this list of our favorite baby toys was 20 items long, right? You want variety, you want options, you want a long list to shop from! But I’m telling you: while your little ones are still little, keep the toys simple. Your baby doesn’t need 100 toys when she’s 6 months old. Less can be more. And simple can be better.

You’ll notice none of our current favorite baby toys have batteries, nothing makes noise (well, one of the stacking rings does double as a rattle), and nothing is crazy. Yes, they’re bright colors and plastic, but I’m okay with the ugly factor here. They’re endlessly entertaining right now. And they’ll grow with Gemma a bit, as she learns to actually stack, build, and fit certain shapes in the right holes.

These toys are classics and I’m so happy they are Gemma’s favorite baby toys right now.

Our Favorite Toys for Babies (6-9 Months)

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