9 Months with Gemma Joan

As soon as Gemma turned 6 months old, I starting thinking “omg she’s almost a year!”. Now that she’s 9 months old? Holy moly she’s actually almost a year. As in… the other moms in my mom group have already sent out invitations for first birthday parties.

Woah nelly. Deep breaths.

While our day to day schedule hasn’t changed much since our 6 month update, I feel like Gemma has grown leaps and bounds in the past 3 months.

9 Month Schedule

  • 7:00 get Gemma out of crib.
  • 7-7:30 first bottle (8oz)
  • 8:00 breakfast
  • 10:00 nap
  • 11:30 second bottle (8oz)
  • 12:00 lunch
  • 2:00 nap
  • 3:30 third bottle (8oz)
  • 5:30 dinner
  • 6:30 last bottle (8oz)
  • 7:00 in crib for night

If you want to read more about this schedule, check out this post on our 9 month old, 2 nap, 4 bottle, 3 meal day schedule.

What’s New Lately

We have teeth

Gemma cut her first tooth at exactly 8 months old. For a few weeks that one tooth began to show more and more, and it was adorably off centered. Then, perfectly timed with a 6 hour road trip and a weekend away in Boston, Gemma cut 3 more teeth, all at once. Now Gemma has a tooth smile, with two uppers and two lowers. Since she has been eating real solids for a few months, the new teeth don’t change much in terms of meal time, but it is a kick seeing her toothy smile. And she will occasionally bite down on our finger and make us yelp.

Gemma crawls, and stands, and tries to walk!

Not exactly up on all fours crawling, but Gemma has the army crawl scoot down pat, and boy does she move. For a long time it was concerning me that she wasn’t learning to crawl at the same pace as her friends. But on multiple occasions her pediatrician reassured me that babies do things on their own time. She told us the fact that Gemma is bearing weight on her legs, hitting other milestones, and moving in her own way were all reassuring signs that we’re doing a-okay. Also, before Gemma was full blown army crawling, she was always very aware she could move, and very interested in moving. These were both things that her pediatrician pointed out were good signs.

Now, at 9 months, Gemma will scoot across the entire house. She loves to stand up, and loves to try and walk even more. Her favorite thing is to hold your hands, pull to a stand, and then make you walk her around the room.

Gemma Joan 9 Months Old


At first we thought her tooth smile was cute, but then she began waving hello and goodbye and it’s still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. We wave hi to the cashier at the grocery store, to just about everyone we walk by in Target, to the staff at daycare, and even to family and friends on Facetime.

It’s a cute thing to watch, but what really amazes me about Gemma waving is that it is the first actual evidence that she understands words! Sure, sometimes we wave to her, and she’ll wave back, which could just be mimicking behavior. But other times I won’t be the first to wave. I’ll simply say “Gemma, say hi to nana!” and she’ll lift up her little hand and start flapping her fingers.

Food, food, food

In addition to our 4 bottles a day, Gemma now eats 3 full meals on most days. We still offer a puree via pouches some days (mostly if we’re on the go and it’s just easier/cleaner). However most days she sits in her big girl high chair and devours a meal of solid solids. Like, real person human food.

We aren’t doing full on baby led weaning (because BLW is very anti combo feeding), but we do follow their guidance on how to offer solids, and let Gemma serve herself rather than spoon feed her.

Sleep regressions

Oy vey. Around 8 months old we went through 3 weeks of rough night time sleep. Naps weren’t really impacted, but for about 3 weeks straight Gemma was up in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once, waking up super early, or throwing a fit at bedtime. The experience made me so grateful for the 12 hours of consistent nighttime sleep that we’ve had since 8 weeks old. But man was it rough. I stuck to our usual schedule, comforted her through the night as needed, and reminded myself this is just a phase. On two or three occasions we fed her in the middle of the night (which we hadn’t done since 8 weeks old!), but most nights we just did lots of holding, shushing, and picking-up-and-putting-down. Sure enough, she is mostly back to her usual ways, although we still do have a random night waking here or there.

Convertible carseat

We made the switch! Gemma is big. She’s heavy. And carrying her in the infant bucket seat everywhere was starting to physically pain me. Plus, she’s never been a big fan of the car, so I thought making the transition to a convertible car seat might make her more comfortable, and therefore more content.

Well, she still doesn’t love the car, and getting her in and out of a coat ten times a day is pretty annoying, but it was a transition we’d have to make at some point, so I bit the bullet and there’s no looking back now.

I do need to figure out a good option for traveling by plane now that we’re out of the infant seat. Our convertible seat does not have the smallest footprint when it comes to convertible seats on the market, plus, it wasn’t the cheapest purchase so I’d hate for it to be damaged while traveling. If you have any suggestions for cheap, lightweight convertible seats that we could buy for flights, let me know!

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