What I’m Buying for Back To School Pajamas

It’s back to school season here in New York, and this September our 4 year old will be making the move from her one and only daycare to a big kid school for pre-K. I’m thinking up a number of activities, surprises, and story time books to help set her up for success in the transition, and one of the simple but cute things I’ve decided to do is stock up on a week’s worth of back to school pajamas, so she can pick out and wear something new (and cute! and inspirational!) each night of the week.

I tend not to splurge on toddler pajamas, and my go to stores for kids PJs are consistently: Old Navy, Gap, Target and Walmart. I’ve found Old Navy to hold the best, and we all know they’re on top of their seasonal themes, so it was the first place I looked when I set my mind on cute little girl back to school pajamas.

And it was a success! I choose a couple of class “back to school” themed designs, like ABCs and school busses, but was happy to also include a number of inspirational designs (with lots of colors and rainbows!) so that they won’t lose their “cool” factor once back to school season is behind us.

Here’s a look at the 5 back to school pajamas I bought for my 4 year old as she heads into pre-K this fall:
A collage of 5 kid sized pajamas with back to school theme

  1. “Make the future” with pencils and paint splash print pajamas from Old Navy
  2. Be kind rainbow print pajamas from Old Navy
  3. “I will change the world” pajamas from Old Navy
  4.  ABCs and letters print pajamas from Old Navy
  5. School bus print pajamas from Old Navy


Blog post image promoting a list of back to school themed pajamas for kids

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