When, Why, and How to Clean Your Diffuser

If you’re an essential oil user, it’s especially important that you clean your diffuser! After all, you invested a good amount of money into a high quality diffuser, right? Let’s make sure that fancy diffuser of yours is working at its best! And I’m here to tell you today that Young Living friends don’t let friends exercise poor diffuser hygiene.

With proper care and simple maintenance, high quality diffusers will last you years and years. But it’s important that you know why, when, and how to clean your diffuser. Don’t worry, it’s simple.

The manual will likely scare you a bit. It’s going to say you should thoroughly clean your diffuser after every use. If that’s the type of person you are… you know, one who abides by all rules exactly as stated, then sure. Go ahead and clean your diffuser multiple times a day.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Most of us avid essential oil users clean our diffusers maybe once or twice a week, and we’re all hanging in there just fine. If you’re just getting started, set the bar for yourself in a realistic place: clean your diffuser once a week.

Got it? Good. Please don’t go killing your diffuser by way of simply being too dirty.

Keep listening! Now that you’ve agreed to clean your diffuser at least once a week, did you know that if you clean your diffuser with the wrong types of products, you can actually shorten its lifespan? Gasp! Now don’t go breaking your dirty diffuser by using harsh chemicals.

Instead, use Thieves Household Cleaner, or rubbing alcohol. Do not use dish soap or any other cleaning products you may have laying around. Don’t use an all purpose cleaner you bought at Target. Don’t use Windex or some random bottle of something you have laying around your undersink cabinets.

Bring your spray bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a couple of QTips to the sink. That’s all you’ll need around here!

Want to hear exactly why, when and how I clean my diffuser? Watch the short video below for an overview and an actual tutorial of me cleaning my Young Living diffusers!

Watch this video tutorial of how I clean my diffuser.
Watch this video tutorial of how I clean my diffuser.
Watch this video tutorial of how I clean my diffuser.

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