7 Diffuser Blends for Easter Week

Quarantines and stay at home orders can’t stop a holiday, right? Even if the world around us is a bit uncertain right now, Holy Week is here. Given the heaviness of things, I’ve found myself turning to essential oils more and more frequently the past few weeks. So keep reading to see a list of 7 essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week that I want to share with you!

For the record – I’m not here to tell you that a bottle of essential oil is going to make you immune to COVID-19. Nope, sorry. Not from this gal. But I can tell you that using essential oils brings me such peace. Essential oils ground me. They calm me. They help me set a positive intention for the day and reshape my mindset when I get off course.

I have certain diffuser blends I turn to regularly, day in and day out, even regardless of the season. If you’re interested, you should check out my favorite starter kit diffuser blends! But I also love using essential oils in my diffuser for targeted reasons. Seasonal sniffles, a glum day, or to set the mood for Christmas season! So it’s not surprising that I’d want to pull together seasonal diffuser blends to help get our household ready for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, I feel like I need to share a little bit of what’s on my mind this year. For those of us accustomed to celebrating Easter with a crowded church service and family gathering, things are certainly going to look and feel quite different this year.

I didn’t actually grow up religious. My family never attended church for holidays like Christmas or Easter. And in our family, Easter meant a special basket and egg hunts and candy and most likely a yummy breakfast or brunch.

Which is totally fine! And A-OK! And truthfully made for a wonderfully happy and blissful childhood.

But in 2016 I made the personal choice to convert to Catholicism. The RCIA process taught me the significance of Holy Week and the true meaning of Easter. I’ve found myself attending Good Friday services, and inevitably crying. And I now place far more significance in the Easter vigil on Saturday evening, than I do on attending mass Sunday morning.

Yes, I’ll still curate a cute little Easter basket for my daughter on Sunday morning. Yes, we’ll still decorate eggs, and indulge in an occasional chocolate bunny. But this year I also began to intentionally share the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection. Some YouTube videos (even for preschoolers) were a bit too much for her, but I shared an age appropriate story and ended it by reinforcing what I want her to take away. Jesus loves her. For now, at just 2.5 years old, that’s enough.

A List of Easter Diffuser Blends to Try at Home

To me, Easter is no longer just about “bunnies and bonnets” (as my husband’s childhood priest once declared). If it is just about jelly beans and chocolate bunnies in your household, that’s okay. I included a couple of diffuser blends just for you! Like one that we’re even calling “Jelly Beans!” Yum!

But I also included diffuser blends for Easter that are meant to support those of us who feel the weight of Holy Week. Who find themselves crying on Good Friday. Who feel the true blessing of Easter Sunday.

So whether you’re here for the hip-hopity bunnies and jelly beans, or a deep meditation on Friday, or a joyous celebration of the resurrection on Sunday, hopefully you’ll give a few of these blends a try this week.

Essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week

And for those who prefer plain text, here’s the same list of diffuser blends typed out:

Hop To It

Peppermint + Tangerine + Lime

Egg Hunt

Peppermint + Geranium + Lemon

Be Hoppy

Bergamot + Lavender + Lemon

Jelly Beans

Lemongrass + Orange + Lemon + Cardamom

Fresh Blooms

Grapefruit + Ylang Ylang + Geranium + Neroli

A New Morning

Tangerine + Cedarwood + Ginger + Patchouli

Easter Blessing

Lemon + Clary Sage + Basil + Spearmint

Graphics for Instagram Stories

If you love sharing diffuser blends on Instagram like I do, here are a handful of ready to go IG story graphics.

Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics Easter Diffuser Blends IG Story Graphics


Graphics for Pinterest

And lastly, a few pretty images for you to pin if you’d like to share this post!

Essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week    Essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week    Essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week    Essential oil diffuser blends for Easter week

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