Diffuser Blends with Idaho Grand Fir

The Young Living community let out a collective squeal when word hit recently that the beloved Idaho Balsam Fir essential was back in stock. Only now the essential oil with a woodsy and refreshing scent has been renamed Idaho Grand Fir. If you jumped (like me!) at the opportunity to stock up on Idaho Grand Fir essential oil before it flies off the shelves – again! – then it’s time to read up on how to put your new oil to use!

All About Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oil

Before you get busy diffusing this amazing, woodsy aroma that is Idaho Grand Fir, you may stop and ask, what’s the big fuss about this little guy?! Besides smelling like the great outdoors, of course.

Idaho Grand Fir, formerly known as Idaho Balsam Fir is grown and harvested at Young Living’s Highland Flats farm in Idaho.

The oil can be diffused for a grounding, relaxing, and calming aroma, and to create a heightened spiritual environment during meditation.

The essential oil also contains the naturally occurring constituents beta-pinene and camphene! Do yourself a favor and Google “benefits of beta-pinene” and “benefits of camphene” and then the next time you’re feeling anxious take a few long, slow, deep breaths from your bottle of Idaho Balsam Fir essential oil. I think you’ll thank me!

8 Ideas for Diffusing Idaho Grand Fir

I’ve done my reading and learned from my leaders and rounded up 8 diffuser blends with Idaho Grand Fir for you to try. Diffuser blends that are sure to bring the classic Christmas tree smell into your home, all year long!

From the smell of morning dew on the trees, to a spicy, crackling fire – these diffuser blends all bring a fun twist to the classic woodsy smell of Idaho Balsam Fir.

Give each blend a try, and let me know your favorite ways to use this newly named, beloved essential oil. Get out your Idaho Grand Fir, and get diffusing!

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