What’s for Dinner: Our Meal Plan for June

I’m going to admit, our monthly meal plan for May was a little… well, lacking in terms of creativity or excitement. When I sat down to plan the entire month’s worth of dinners, I knew we had a busy month. My husband and I each had a number of social and work commitments already scheduled in the evenings. May is also a month of holidays and birthdays (mine!), and we have almost an entire week that’s up in the air due to a big golf tournament and visitors. So yes, I’ll admit, May’s monthly meal plan was pretty plain. Which is great, if I’m being honest. Quick and easy dinners are winners in this household, and usually the more plain jane the dinner… the more likely my daughter is to eat it.

And if I’m being honest, since I decided to share a few month’s worth of our menus from my monthly meal planning process, I keep getting the feeling like I should make more of an effort while planning June’s dinners. Not that I want to going over the top, by any stretch of the imagination. But just a tad more effort for you, right? Well… after a few minutes of feeling guilty, no. Definitely not. This is not a food blog, and I’m definitely #notafoodblogger. And to pick meals that feel fancy or more creative or even worse… more complex! Just for the sake of “looking better”? Nope. Not going to happy.

So without further ado, here’s our family friendly meal plan for June, with a healthy mix of vegan recipes (for me), and easily adaptable recipes (that will make my husband happy).

Monthly meal plan for the month of June

June’s Monthly Meal Plan

  1. Easy vegan pad Thai
  2. Salad with protein of choice
  3. Citrus shrimp & avocado salad
  4. Burrito bowls (adapted from this grilled chicken burrito bowl)
  5. “Meatballs” with grilled veggies
  6. Leftovers
  7. Grilled protein with corn & avocado salad
  8. Simple pasta dish with salad
  9. Salad with protein of choice
  10. Cilantro lime salmon with asparagus
  11. Pantry
  12. Sheet pan chicken sausage with potatoes and veggies
  13. Trader Joe’s frozen Asian entree with steamed broccoli and rice
  14. Grilled salmon with avocado bruschetta 
  15. Hawaiian BBQ bowls
  16. Soup and salad with dinner rolls
  17. Tacos!
  18. “Burgers”, fries, side salad
  19. Vegan mac and cheese with steamed broccoli
  20. Salad with protein of choice
  21. One pot coconut shrimp curry over rice
  22. Korean “beef” bowls
  23. Sheet pan chicken sausage with mixed veggies
  24. Pizza!
  25. Grilled protein with corn on the cob and veggies
  26. Penne with roasted broccoli and cauliflower

Hopefully you picked up an idea or two from our list of dinners planned out in advance for the month of June. And if you like the idea of sitting down ONE time to plan an entire month’s worth of dinners don’t forget you can download my entire year’s worth of free monthly meal plan templates here.

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