Download Your Young Living Diffuser Manual

Okay, so you might think this is crazy, since… who reads product manuals, right? But one of the most common questions I get is “how do I work my diffuser?” Apparently, as expected, many people throw out their diffuser manual shortly after receiving their premium starter kit, and then only later realize they don’t really understand how to make the diffuser work with the different settings and light modes.

Hence why I seem to get the same questions about Young Living’s desert mist diffuser. I don’t mind answering these questions at all. I love my team and I’m here to make sure they’re supported and educated and excited about their essential oils!

But if you’re not on my team or don’t have my number on speed dial, I’d still be happy to help a friend out. So here are free downloads to manuals for each of the most popular Young Living diffusers. Click the image blow to download the desert mist diffuser manual, aria diffuser manual, rainstone diffuser manual, and dewdrop diffuser manuals. Then save them somewhere safe for later, okay?

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  1. My directions are way to small for me to read with even a magician glass. I need to get the directions on how to work my 300mlaroma diffuser wood grain. It’s very pretty but I can not read the directions on how to make it work ! Help please!

    Posted 8.22.20 Reply
  2. Joshua Magsombol wrote:

    Hi! If in case I do need to turn off the diffuser, is it okay if I turn it on without refilling it to full capacity? What if I need to transfer it some place else can I turn if off and on?

    Posted 1.15.21 Reply
    • whitney wrote:

      Hi Josh! I’m not sure exactly which diffuser you have, but generally speaking yes! If your diffuser has water and oil remaining you can turn it back on to run through the remaining water (or a portion of it!). To move my diffuser from room to room, I do often turn it off, unplug it from the wall, move it to a new location, plug back in and the turn it back on.

      Hope this helps! What other questions do you have?

      Posted 1.15.21 Reply