Can’t I Just Buy My Essential Oils From the Store?

I get this question all the time. My friends hear me talk about how essential oils are making a difference in our home, and their interest gets piqued. Someone sees oils on my countertop, and asks questions. Guests arrive at our home and the first thing they say is: wow, what is that amazing smell? Then I share more about essential oils and Young Living. They may have preconceived notions about MLM companies. They may not like the price tag. Then comes the question: “But can’t I just buy my essential oils from the store? Whole Foods sells them.” Or my favorite… “but why can’t I just buy my essential oils from the store? I saw them super cheap at Target.”

Friends. I love you. I want you to use essential oils. I want you to love them just as much as I do.

But please. Please don’t buy essential oils from any old big box store or grocery store.

While essential oils aren’t new, they are certainly on the rise in terms of current supply and demand. They are everywhere right now. You can get them at CVS and Target and grocery stores and health stores. I don’t know every brand out there, so I’m not here to knock every brand on the market.

But please take note of this: quality matters so stinking much when it comes essential oils. Essential oils reach your brain within 22 seconds; within 2 minutes, they are found in your bloodstream; and they’ve reached every cell in your body within 20 minutes. You don’t want to be putting cheap, fake oils filled with chemicals or other additives into your body!

Just don’t! Don’t do it.

The old saying of you get what you pay for applies to essential oils. Big time.

Consider this. It takes 22 pounds of rose petals to make one 5ML bottle of rose essential oil. Just think about it. The last time you bought a dozen roses… it cost you, didn’t it? Think 22 POUNDS of rose petals. That’s a shit ton of roses. So it should come as no surprise that a bottle of rose essential oil isn’t cheap.

If you’re seeing lavender in the grocery store for under $5. And a starter kit with 10 oils for $25 at Whole Foods.


Think twice.

Please don’t buy it.

I’m about to drop some scary shit on you. Okay?

The essential oil industry is not highly regulated. And a company only needs to fill a bottle of essential oil with 5% of pure essential oils in order to be cleared to label the bottle 100% pure.

WTF? If it says 100% pure, as a customer I expect it to be 100% pure. But yea. Not how it works. That bottle of cheap oil you see at Whole Foods might say 100% pure and in fact contain 95% fillers and chemical additives. Go ahead guys, put that in a diffuser and breathe it right in. NO, DON’T! Obviously, that was a joke.

I care so much about creating clean, healthy homes and want you to join me. But if you’re going to buy your essential oils at Target, I’d rather you not buy them at all. And you know how much I love Target.

Please don’t buy essential oils from Amazon, or Whole Foods, or the grocery store… unless you have really really researched the company and fully trust their ingredients and process.

If you want to read more about this from someone else, here’s an easy read blog post.

And if this has you ready to get started with Young Living – a brand I wholeheartedly believe in and trust – then jump over to this post and see what’s included in the Premium Starter Kit!

Click here to see what's included in the Premium Starter Kit

Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. They aren’t a new brand that just popped up in recent years when essential oils became trendy. They’ve been in business for decades. They’re experienced. They’re legitimate. And they have an incredible, trustworthy process of producing oils.

Remember that scary stuff I told you about how a label that says “100% pure” might actually 5% pure? And how you might have no idea what the other 95% in your bottle of oil is made up of?

Young Living is also the only company with a Seed to Seal process, meaning that at no point in their production from seed to literally seal are they altered or added to, sprayed with chemicals or growth products, or treated in any way. They are the absolute purest, most authentic part of a plant that you can possibly get.

Did I mention that Young Living is the only essential oils company that has FDA approved products?

In addition to being a great company, with exceptionally high quality oils, the number one reason I exclusively use Young Living essential oils is because of the community. The quality of oils is what sold me, and the community has kept me around.

When I first became interested in using essential oils, I didn’t jump directly to Young Living. My personality type is green. I did my research. I overanalyzed. I read article after article after article in an attempt to understand who made “the best oils.” But guess what? When I finally made my mind up to purchase from a specific brand, I left a question in their support forum and… crickets. I never heard back from them. Not from the company. Not from another user. No one.

My question about using oils safely around my newborn daughter went unanswered. And that left a not so great taste in my mouth.

The world of essential oils can be a bit big and scary, and I did not want to start this journey alone. I wanted to be sure I was using oils safely, and that I was well educated on the products before I brought them into my home. I followed a number of Young Living team members on social media, and knew that I’d have an incredible support system once I signed up.

Click here for a step by step guide to purchase your premium starter kit

Ready to come do this oily adventure with me? Buy a premium starter kit today and let’s do this together!

Why you should NEVER buy essential oils from the store, and why I only trust Young Living.
Why you should NEVER buy essential oils from the store, and why I only trust Young Living.

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