Fall Decor That’s Not Completely Offensive

Alright friends, it’s time be honest with you. Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I dream of it all summer long. I’m a sucker for hayrides and apple orchards and watching football games on Sunday even though I don’t really like football. Because, you know. It’s fall. I’m also hugely inspired by beautiful home decor. I’m not saying I’m the best at decorating my own house, but I could look at other people’s beautiful homes for days on end. But you know what I don’t love?

Seasonal and holiday decor.

I suppose it’s safe to say I find the majority of seasonal and holiday decor choices mildly offensive, at best. So when fall actually rolls around, and it’s time to spruce up our house to reflect the change of seasons, I find myself cringing at a lot of what’s sold in stores. And as a result I do very little. My wallet is probably thankful for this.

But this year we have Gemma, and pumpkins are currently one of her favorite things, and a Sunday morning spent sipping coffee with apple cider donuts at a pumpkin patch with my family sounds quite delightful. So yes, we buy pumpkins. And I may pull out one or two small pieces to spruce up our foyer table. So long as those small pieces are white, of course.

While I may be the seasonal scrooge of home decor, some ladies (and gents) in the internet world definitely do it right.

To prove I’m not a complete downer when it comes to holiday decor, I’ve rounded up a few pictures of seasonal and fall decor that’s not completely offensive to my neutral preferences.


Even the first image with an abundance of orange somehow feels… acceptable. What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the neutral colored and understand seasonal decor, or do you like to go all out with ghosts and goblins and orange galore?

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