Our Favorite Newborn Baby Toys

I know what you’re thinking, of course these are your baby’s favorite newborn baby toys… they’re the only toys your baby has been introduced to! But rest assured, we have far more baby toys in the house than those listed below.

Here you’ll find our list of top baby toys that our 6 month old daughter has continuously been entertained by, week over week, month over month. Some toys on this list have been her favorite for months, while others didn’t really pique her interest until more recently, once she developed certain skills like being able to accurately reach and grab, and now to intentionally shake.

So if you’re in the market for small toys that are developmentally appropriate for newborns, whether you’re tweaking your own registry or shopping for a baby shower, here are our top baby toys. Please keep in mind that at the time of sharing this Gemma is 6 months old. I look forward to updating this list as she continues to grow and develop!

Our Favorite Small Toys for Newborn Babies (0-6 Months)

Our Favorite Newborn Toys

Our Favorite Big Ticket Toys for Newborn Babies (0-6 Months)

And there you have it, 2 simple lists of our absolute favorite newborn baby toys. I hope I included a good mix of small toys, as well as things that are seen as more “baby gear”.

If you’ve made it through the newborn stage with your little ones, let me know in the comments whether any of these are also your favorites! And did I leave something off? Tell me your children’s favorite newborn baby toys below, to help other mamas be in the know.


Our family's favorite newborn baby toys

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