First Day of School Books We’re Reading

Earlier this week I shared the cute back to school pajamas I purchased for our preschooler entering pre-K in September, and today I’m sharing another roundup: first day of school books we’re reading to help prepare our preschooler for the transition in a new school!

I know there are hundreds if not thousands of back to school books, and school in general, but for our family I wanted to focus on starting school for the very first time. Technically our daughter goes to daycare, and has since she was 6 months old. We refer to her center as “school” and she’s very much in a “preschool” classroom at the center.

But come fall she’ll be leaving the only childcare center she’s known and moving to a real big kid school to attend a pre-K program inside a big kid school!

So: new building, new teacher, new kiddos… lots of newness for a little 4 year old who – while wild and precocious – has also been known to struggle a bit with transitions.

Enter: all the tricks I can think of to help prepare her for the first day of school. Books, special pajamas, activities, story time, songs, visits, role playing… let’s go.

But first, we’ll start with today’s topic: the set of first day of school books I picked up from Amazon to read throughout the month as we lead up to the big day!

Here are the exact first day of school books I purchased. Definitely not the only books out there, but the ones that stuck out to me as potential hits at home!

There are definitely loads more age appropriate books for kids who are heading to school for the first time, including books specific to each grade, riding the bus, feeling nervous, and would you believe it if I said:

A Unique Start From 6 Feet Apart: A Book About Returning to the Classroom During a Pandemic

There’s even a special book for heading to school in the age of the pandemic. Somehow this both shocks me, and does not surprise me in the slightest. I suppose it’s good for certain kiddos and families. Although, I personally passed!

So there’s the list of latest additions to our bookshelf. Spam me in the comments with your family’s favorites!

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