When Our Daughter Hit First Year Major Milestones

No matter how hard we try not to play the comparison game, I think all new moms wonder (and worry) about when our babies are achieving first year major milestones such as sitting, walking, and sleeping through the night.

I’m sure this list isn’t comprehensive, but since I haven’t kept a baby book for Gemma, I thought it’d be good to document when she hit some of the most common first year major milestones. You’ll see she did some things super early (sleeping through the night at 8 weeks!) and was a little late to the game on other things (crawling at 10 months).

What’s important is that she’s growing and developing and learning and exploring and regardless of when she first did what, she is a healthy, happy little gal, and that’s all we could ask for as parents.

Sleeping through the night

  • 8 weeks

Eating solids

  • Purees around 5 months
  • A modified approach to baby led weaning at 6 months

Rolling at least one way

  • 4 months

Sitting up unassisted

  • 5 months

Cut a tooth

  • 8 months, to the day


  • Army crawling begin consistently at 9 months
  • Crawling on all fours at 10 months


  • Taking steps alone at 11 months
  • Walking independently (and consistently) at 12 months

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