The Best Gifts for Second Time Moms

It wasn’t too long ago that my closest group of girlfriends entered the stage of all simultaneously having babies back to back to back. We were in our late twenties, settled into successful careers, and recently married. It was our own little baby boom. During that short stage of life, I like to think we all grew quite adept at gift ideas for baby showers, newborns, and brand new moms. Fast forward just a few years and many of us are welcoming our second (or third) child. Baby shower invites aren’t quite as frequent (spare the occasional sprinkle), but close mom friends still deserve a good gift! And unfortunately it seems that second baby gift ideas are harder to come by than your go to first baby registry items.

A Quick List of Second Baby Gift Ideas

After buying what feels like a flurry of second baby gifts over the last month alone, I thought it’d be fun to recap my favorite gift ideas for second time moms. You’ll see I’ve included something cute, something kind, something super practical, and something to splurge on. Hopefully this quick list of gifts for second time moms won’t stress you out, and is varied enough to cover the type of friend you’re buying for.

Personalized Children’s Book

My top second baby gift idea is a personalized children’s book. There are so many on the market, some cuter stories than others, but I think this makes such a sweet (and thoughtful) gift for the new baby to enjoy for years to come. Younger siblings are sure to get plenty of well worn out books from big bro or big sis, and a personalized book is a fun way to recognize the sibling with something unique and just for them.

My absolute favorite personalized book is this “Goodnight Little Me” book. We received this as a gift for Gemma, and I’ve since gifted it… well, to many friends welcoming a second or third child.

Although the Goodnight Little Me book is my favorite, there are so many different personalized children’s books you can choose from if you’re into this gift idea. The only obvious downside to this book is that you need to know the new baby’s name! So not great for a baby shower if mom to be is choosing to keep the name a secret.

Diapers and Wipes

For your most practical girlfriend, there is simply no going wrong with diapers and wipes. Lord knows we go through enough of these with every new baby. Just make sure you know your friend’s brand preference, and include a gift receipt because most major stores will allow you to return (or exchange) unopened boxes for a different size or style.


While certainly not the most creative gift idea, dropping off food such as frozen dinners or easy to grab snack bags is going to be an appreciated gesture for a mom with a newborn and multiple kids at home. Freezer bag crock pot meals are my go to food related gift for new moms. Keeps well for months in the freezer. Easy to thaw overnight in the fridge. Requires no prep except dumping the bag in a crockpot and setting the timer. I mean, these type of meals were meant for a mom with a newborn.

Other food related gifts for second time moms could be gift cards for delivery or a drive thru coffee spot, an offer to actually grocery shop for mom, or starting a meal train with friends and family members who live near by.

Family Mini Session

If you’re willing to splurge, and struggling to come up with creative gifts for second time moms, an amazing idea is a gift certificate for a family mini session with your favorite local family photographer. Mini sessions are often reasonably priced ($100-$250 in our neck of the woods) and if the price is steeper where you live, you might consider gifting this to a second time mom with a group of close friends.

Browse my go to baby gifts for second time moms.Browse my go to baby gifts for second time moms.Browse my go to baby gifts for second time moms.

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