How To Order a Premium Starter Kit

If you’ve read my introduction to essential oils and seen exactly what’s included in a Premium Starter Kit, I hope you’ve seen the incredible value that comes in this beautiful box! Not only are you making a healthy choice for your family by beginning to introduce plant based, pure goodness intoto your home, you’re also making a cost conscious choice! So your wallet and budget will thank you.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

By making the choice to get started with Young Living’s starter kit, you’ll get 24% off all future orders, have the ability to earn rewards, and join an incredibly supportive community of likeminded women (and men!)

Now that the hard part of reading, research, and decision making is done, it’s time to order your Premium Starter Kit and begin your journey with oils.

Step by Step Instructions for How to Order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living

  1. To get started, visit this link: http://bit.ly/whitneysoils
  2. Scroll down and under Step 1, choose your starter kit. The most popular option is the Desert Mist Diffuser Kit and it’s pre-selected. But you can browse the other tabs too!
  3. Under Step 2, decide if you’re ready to enroll in Essential Rewards! If so, click “Yes” twice in a row.
  4. Under Step 3, you’re setting up next month’s order.
    • This is something you can change any time between now and the 1st of the month, so for simplicity sake, I suggest just choosing the NingXia Red kit. Again, you’re not locked into this. I’ll help you update our order before next month. This is just to keep checkout easier today!
  5. Then click “Next” under Continue Enrollment.
  6. Fill in all of your personal information
    • This includes setting up username and password to use in the future, and a 4 digit PIN that will be used to verify your account if you ever contact customer service.
    • You do not need to enter a social. This is only if you’re interested in making money from oils! Otherwise, just choose the bubble that says “Individual no SSN required”.
    • Scroll down, accept the terms, and click “Accept and Continue”
  7. Enter your shipping and billing info, and you’re done!

If you’re at all confused, have any questions, send me a message at hello@happilyeverathome.com. I’m happy to walk you through the sign up process, or send you more thorough instructions if you’re getting stuck on any one step. You can also watch this video for a step by step guide:

What Happens Next?

  1. Sprinkles and confetti will begin to fall down from the sky all around you! Kidding, kidding, obviously.
  2. Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll get a welcome email from me. The email will contain links to helpful resources, educational materials, and my favorite places to learn about oils. You’ll likely receive an email from another Young Living leader, because Young Living is all about supporting new members.
  3. I’ll also invite you to a Facebook group (you don’t have to join if you’re not interested) where all the other members on our team talk and share and ask (and answer) questions. Again, totally optional. Members in the group span all different skill and experience levels when it comes to oils, so it’s literally a wealth of knowledge and expertise just waiting to help you. Plus, it’s fun, a supportive community, and there are giveaways and incentives all the time.
  4. Your kit will generally arrive within 7-10 days of purchase. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a physical package from us in your real life mailbox! Not inbox. We’ll put together a little “welcome packet” of sorts to make sure you know where to start when your kit arrives!

If you’re still on the fence, or have any questions, drop them in the comments below!


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  1. Darius T Kumeta wrote:

    Broke the glass to my friends diffuser, how do I buy a replacement. I am disabled and would also be interested in a starter kit after I get to properly try out your Young Living diffuser

    God Bless us all,


    Posted 7.22.21 Reply
    • whitney wrote:

      Hi Darius! Shopping from Young Living actually just got a whole lot easier this month, and you no longer need to purchase a starter kit to get the amazing discounts. You can simply go to https://www.youngliving.com/us/en?enrollerid=14164670 and search for Aria Glass Dome. You can purchase just the glass replacement for $34.

      Posted 8.3.21 Reply