A Quick and Easy Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A very special day all about mamas is exactly one month away, and as with most major holidays, the internet has opinions. My guess is you’ve seen a Mother’s Day gift guide, or two, or two hundred already, right? Well then, one more can’t hurt.

When gift giving occasions are near, I have a history of taking the guess work out of the equation for loved ones. Perhaps it’s because I don’t like surprises. Or maybe it’s just the practical side of me shining bright. But I’ve been known to create detailed birthday wishlists to help make gifting easier on my family, and I keep a babylist registry up to date pretty much year round, even though our daughter is almost 2. Why you ask? Because relatives are constantly asking me what Gemma wants or needs. Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts just because.

Instead of allowing our home to accumulate toys that aren’t age appropriate, or gifts that quite frankly no one wants or needs, I like to take a few self-centered moments to build a wish list of things I do want to welcome into our home. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and yes, Mother’s Day included.

I know you might think this makes me petty, or materialistic, or even unappreciative. Please don’t take it that way. If someone gives me a gift, of any kind for any reason, trust me: I’m grateful! But there are other times when it’s just easier to have gift suggestions ready to go. I’m in my mid 30s. Gone are the days of endless Christmas presents from parents. And birthdays are slowly but steadily losing steam around these parts.

But people like my own mom (and grandma, and husband) often ask what I’d like for a given holiday. In these cases, I think it’s easier for everyone involved to have practical ideas to share. Saves everyone trouble, if you ask me.

So if you’re searching around for a Mother’s Day gift guide this year, I’ve rounded up a dozen or so items that I think are pretty safe bets for the moms in your life. Heck, I’d be very happy receiving any of these, and if you couldn’t tell from my introduction, I’m not the easiest person to gift for. Unless of course, you stumble across my wish lists.

A roundup of Mother's Day gift guide ideas


  1. If you’re the go big or go home kind of gifter, get her an Apple Watch. I had never even considered the fact that I may want one, and it’s one of my most used and most loved gifts. I’m not the only one in my group of mom friends who have received an Apple Watch as a gift, and we all are so happy we did. Just do it.  Assuming she’s an Apple person.
  2. I can’t tell you how excited I’d be to receive this bamboo bath caddy. Whether I use it once a week, or once a year, setting up this bad boy with a glass of wine and a good book or show would make me feel straight out of the movies, and on cloud nine. Pair it with a bottle of wine and these stress away bath bombs for a few extra points.
  3. A delicate “mama” necklace, like this one from Etsy. It’s less than $60, and has almost 2K+ positive reviews.
  4. Another similar idea is gifting jewelry (or art) made your child’s silhouette. Le Papier Studio is hands down my recommendation for this type of gift. It’s one of a kind, and incredibly meaningful. I own a silhouette charm bangle, and it’s (no joke) my most prized possession. Similarly, for the sentimental mom, a custom drawing, watercolor, or family illustration from Etsy is an amazing gift. I’ve done this for friends and family before (even had custom illustrations of first homes, new homes, and furry friends), and the gift is always a hit. Bonus: if you’re not sure which picture your mama would most like, many Etsy sellers allow you to buy a credit / gift certificate so the mama herself can choose which pose to have recreated.
  5. Moms are busy, and always on the go. There’s nothing worse than realizing your phone is on 6% and you left your Apple Watch at home. So consider a portable charging device for the moms in your life. This one isn’t super expensive, and has loads of A+ reviews on Amazon, so it’s a safe bet for gifting.
  6. Another option in the way of trendy yet affordable jewelry for mom are these adorable heart stud earrings. Under $50, solid 14k yellow gold, and studs mean foolproof for babies and toddlers who like to pull and tug.
  7. Friends, you just can’t go wrong with a comfy new robe, pajama set, or slippers for around the house. Trust me. There’s a little bit of preference involved with slippers, but my favorite are loafer style slippers with no laces, like this classic style from Ugg.
  8. This Yeti mug, or the full size tumbler. Us mamas are all too familiar with the saga of microwaving your cup of coffee 500 times a day, only to still somehow wind up drinking a lukewarm cup of joe. These Yeti mugs are neutral, simple, and hello: effective.
  9. A motherhood meme like graphic tee is always a win in this house. You can find always find them at Target (like this), but if you’re not interested in leaving the house, you can snag one on Amazon like this, or even support a worthy cause and buy one like this.
  10. Coffee table books are some of my favorite gifts to give and receive. They’re beautiful, worth a good read, and often a great conversation starter. At this stage of life, I’m also very into buying nice cookbooks. Many moms are head over heels in love with Chip and Joanna, so here new cookbook would be an awesome pick

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