A Mother’s Day Message for Grieving Moms

I am so, so proud to be a part of this community. This year The Joyful Morning team created this amazing video. Giving those of us ready to share our stories – a place to been seen, to be heard. And more importantly it reminds ALL women who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss that they are loved and seen. That their motherhood story matters. That they’re not alone.

My motherhood looks likes:

  • 4 pregnancies
  • 1 baby I never held
  • 2 babies I held that are now in heaven
  • 1 sweet daughter here in our home

No matter what your motherhood looks like, we see you. We celebrate you. And we hope you’ll join us as we find hope and joy in this journey.


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  1. Hey! Great blog. Mother Day and Christmas can be very hard for moms that are grieving.

    Posted 3.3.21 Reply
  2. I love the This Is My Motherhood presentation.

    Posted 8.3.21 Reply