Our 12 Month Old Baby Schedule

If you have a baby that’s around 12 months old, and you’re looking for a healthy, happy sleep and eat schedule, you may want to give this 12 month old baby schedule a try.

Our Favorite 12 Month Baby Toys

Our list of favorite 12 month old baby toys includes plenty of walking toys for new walkers or soon to be walkers, and notice the “make believe” or “play” toys like a toy shopping cart and toy lawn mower.

My Essential Oils Wishlist

Since receiving my premium starter kit from Young Living, I’ve been eagerly looking forward to growing my essential oils collection. Here’s a look at all of the essential oils from Young Living that make up my 2018 essential oils wishlist.

Our Favorite 6-9 Month Baby Toys

I’m not sure the exact moment that these baby toys became our household’s favorite baby toys, but Gemma is now 9.5 months old, and for at least a couple of months she has been absolutely obsessed with these toys.