My Go-To Toy Store for Finding The Perfect Kid-Approved Birthday Gift

Okay friends, so perhaps I’ve been living under a rock for too long and maybe this kid’s toys store has been on your radar for awhile. But this weekend I came across Petit Collage when shopping for a 3 year old girl’s birthday gift and a 5 year old boy’s birthday gift and stop the freaking press I am obsessed with this shop!

I Guess I’m Done Shopping For Birthday Gifts at Target

Let’s start with the obvious – when it comes to shopping for toys and gifts for little ones, whether they’re my own or for others, I tend to stick with what’s comfortable to me. No surprises here: Target and Amazon have long been my go to places to look for cute kids gifts. While it’s amazing to be able to run to Target on the morning of a birthday party (because whoops, forgot about that one!) or to hit the buy now button on Amazon and have it on my doorstep the next day, there’s a few bigger problems.

For starters, nearly everything I could possibly buy from Target, be it board games or dolls or dresses, will most likely be something the mom on the receiving end of my gift giving has already: bought herself, seen and decided not to buy, or received from someone else. Shopping for kids gifts at Target is fun and colorful and convenient, but it’s not exactly original.

Amazon is also a really easy place to shop for kids birthday gifts, right? I mean… two day shipping. I’m usually in and all over this one. In addition to the convenience of buying gifts from Amazon, I do love the fact that I can find an entire world worth of more unique gifts. Small shops, foreign shops, shops I’ve never heard of – they all sell on Amazon. Mostly. But it’s hard to gauge the quality of some of these items, I never know if I’m actually getting a good price on things, and the completely lacking eco-friendly nature of shopping on Amazon is starting to slowly eat me alive.

But Consider Petit Collage Your New One Stop Shop for Birthday Gifts

So how and why did I fall in love with Petit Collage as the perfect brand to shop for kids birthday gifts? 

Here’s the scoop. We’re heading to a joint birthday party this weekend. A brother and sister. A 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. I’m not actually attending the party, but my husband is going with our daughter and gift giving falls into my domain so I thought I was planning appropriately far in advance by looking for awesome gifts a week in advance.

Then I realized this family whose birthdays we’re attending isn’t just any family. They are #familygoals. And on one hand, this type of dreamy family with kind hearts and big smiles is the type of family who would genuinely appreciate any gift. They are endlessly fun, they travel the world, they are well educated, and they’re just awesome. I didn’t feel like I had to impress them, but I wanted to get these kids some thoughtful gifts that might light up their eyes and inspire their minds.

Add in beautiful, colorful, bold, fun, awesome. A toy that kids and parents will love? Even better. Well made, thoughtfully crafted, and sustainable? Sold.

What I Bought From Petit Collage

Shopping Petit Collage online made it super easy to browse and find the perfect birthday gifts for both kids. The online shop has super helpful filters that make finding the perfect gift easy: you can narrow down your search by things like age and price, as well as theme and activity.

For our 3 year old friend I looked at:

For our 5 year old friend I looked at:

Learn More About Petit Collage

Petit Collage is all about good design. They combine a modern aesthetic with a sustainability criteria to create bold, thoughtful goods that inspire little ones. Their products are designed in California, and each product is as beautiful as it is fun to use — they offer toys, playthings and decor that are loved by both kids and their parents.

Their first product was a hand-crafted collage using recycled materials. That product inspired not only the company name but also their unbeatable sustainability ethos. Ten years later Petit Collage still chooses the materials they use carefully, from recycled cardboard to FSC-certified wood and soy-based inks. They avoid plastic and their products are designed with the health of our children, and the planet, in mind.

While I just learned about this brand over the weekend, Petit Collage products are sold in stores including Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and thousands of independent specialty stores.

Maybe I’m must behind the times, but in the event that you hadn’t heard of Petit Collage until now, I’m telling you – you can stop your searching! Consider them your new one stop shop all things birthday gifts, and the kids (and their parents) won’t be disappointed.

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