Playroom Decor Ideas and Inspiration

I’ve always been the type of strong willed millennial-turned-mom who swore my kids would never “take over the house.” I told myself my daughter’s nursery wouldn’t be screaming pink. And I just knew her toys wouldn’t be bright colored and plastic. Joke is definitely on me. As soon as Gemma was just a few months old, her toys and ‘gear’ seemed to be creeping into all corners of our home.

Why We Turned Our Dining Room Into a Playroom

And so began my desire to create dedicated playroom on our first floor, and my endless searching on Pinterest for playroom decor ideas and inspiration.

It took a bit of negotiating to convince my husband that we didn’t need a formal dining room anymore. But soon after the idea came to me, we stored the dining room table and chairs in the basement. We bought in a large area rug, dragged an extra couch up from the basement, and snagged a used changing table with underneath shelves from a neighborhood yard sale.

It’s amazing how much better it feels to have our living room mostly reclaimed as an adult space. Sure we still have a small bookshelf and a basket to coral loose toys and blankets, but it sure beats having the entire living room floor covered in toys.

Plus, since our formal “dining room” has wide french doors that lead directly into our kitchen and eat in area, it’s incredibly convenient and assuring to me to have Gemma within earshot and eyesight when I need to get a thing or to done.

We still have room for improvement in terms of making the space feel like a true playroom, but having a dedicated space on our first floor is a lifesaver. It’s cozy, convenient, and helps this mama keep my house feeling clean and decluttered!

Some Playroom Inspiration, from Pinterest!

Here’s a round up of beautiful playrooms and dedicated play spaces, thanks to Pinterest! My idea of a beautiful space is mostly neutral in terms of decor. I’m okay with a pop of color, but think the toys will speak for themselves. I’m also keen on avoiding anything that will make reverting back to a dining room difficult down the road.

Playroom decor ideas and inspiration

Neutral colored playroom decor

Pink and blush playroom


Photo ledge for kids books and box storage

If you have other playroom decor ideas and inspiration, I’d love to hear from you! What’s your go to toy storage solution, and do you have a favorite kid sized table and chair set? Both of those are next up on my shopping list.

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