3 Quick and Easy Chores You Should Be Doing Daily

I’ve always described myself as a meticulously organized person, but admit I’m far from clean. That goes for myself, and my home. I shower fewer times a week than I dare put in writing, and while we’re fortunate to have a professional cleaning service, they only come every 3 weeks. In between those 3 week visits I’d like to say we have a well regimented chores chart and cleaning schedule, but the truth is we don’t. Instead, I’ve made a habit of doing just a few quick and easy daily chores.

These 3 quick and easily chores are ones that I feel are low effort and high impact. So if you’re like me, and would rather tidy all day than clean a toilet, try adding these 3 quick and easy daily chores into your routine.

Do Laundry Every Day

If you read any other mom blogs or home making/homestead blogs, this won’t be the first time you’ve read someone suggest to do laundry every day. I first got the idea from Emily Ley, but it’s a pretty widely shared routine.

I first started doing laundry every day when Gemma was a newborn. Hello, a zillion dirty onesies, bibs, and milk stained shirts. In order to really engrain the concept into my routine, when I first started I literally did laundry every day. Gemma was still in infancy, and it became a part of my daily schedule. During her early morning nap, I’d start a load of laundry. It became second nature. It was quick, easy, and it’s far less overwhelming to fold a small load of laundry than to short, wash, dry, and fold like… three weeks of laundry.

An added bonus? The habit of doing laundry every day is a great way to ensure you’re washing your kitchen’s hand towels. Did you know you should wash your kitchen towels every couple of days? Once a week isn’t cutting it. And before I started doing laundry daily, I’m pretty sure my dish towels were only seeing the washing machine like once a month. I kid you not.

Sweep the Floors, Constantly

I’m going to let you in on a dirty secret. I don’t mop or wash my floors. Cue the gasps! Keep in mind we have a professional cleaning service that comes every three weeks, but in between those visits I do not wash my floors. Eek. On occasion, like if we’re having guests or a trip outside brought it visible mud and muck I’ll do a quick Swiffer.

But my trick? I sweep. Daily. Multiple times a day. I sweep the entry way, our foyer, and near the garage entrance. I sweep the bathroom floors and the laundry room. The kitchen and dining spaces. I sweep all the damn time. And by sweeping so often, I feel like my floors are well kept in between a good soapy mop.

Pick Up The Kitchen Before Bed

It may be my Type A, OCD nature, but the last of my favorite quick and easy chores is to pick up the kitchen before bed! Notice I don’t use the word clean. I pick up. Do I clean the counters? Sure, if they haven’t been cleaned that day. Do I sweep the floors? Sure, if I didn’t do it immediately after dinner. But this quick daily chore is more about picking up and putting away. Plates, pots and pans, baby bottles and sippy cups. Everything is washed and drying, or in the dishwasher before bed. The counter tops are clear. The trash is out. This quick and easy chore drives my husband crazy – because come end of day he just wants to get into bed STAT! But for me, picking up the kitchen before bed allows me to end the day with a clear head, and makes for a more welcoming morning.

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