11 Simple Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

If you use Young Living essential oils, you know the company offers an incredible system of support, education, and community. And it’s a darn good thing they do!

8 Super Easy Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

Essential oils can be confusing, and at times really overwhelming.

I remember having just opened my Premium Starter Kit. I was so excited to start using the oils, and very thankful that my team leader had sent me a cute welcome packet that included a list of starter kit diffuser oils. Otherwise I would have felt at a loss! I knew how safe essential oils are compared to all of the toxic chemicals found in other products, but I also knew how powerful the oils are… making the a little bit scary.

Some can be used while pregnant.

Others should be avoided.

Many oils provide great benefits to babies and children.

Others are to be kept away or heavily diluted.

One oil may work magic when applied directly to your skin, another could be “hot” meaning it may cause irritation if applied directly.

Who, what, huh? It can be a lot to take in, and I hope you have a team filled with oil experts who are excited to teach you their ways like I did.

Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

No matter which team you’re on, I’m sharing a number of super easy starter kit diffuser blends with you today, from the brand new 2019 Premium Starter Kit. Diffuser blends that anyone can enjoy!

We call these “starter kit diffuser blends” because all of the oils mentioned below come in the new 2019 Premium Starter Kit. So this means if you just joined Young Living and recently received your kit, you’re all set! You don’t need to purchase any other oils to enjoy these blends.

Just pick a blend idea based on your mood or need, and mix and match the oils from your Premium Starter Kit. Plug in your diffuser, fill it to the fill line with room temperature water, put in a few drops of oil, and enjoy!

A list of 2019 Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

Are you worried about how certain family members will react to essential oils? Maybe you have babies, little kids, or family members with sensitivities in general. Simple. Just start with even fewer drops than listed above. If you’re diffusing oils around kids or pets for the first time you can try 1-2 drops total. It’s okay to start small if you’re worried! Then, day after day add another drop until you reach the maximum recommended drops. Different diffusers have different maximums, so check your manual.

Are you loving the oils in your Premium Starter Kit? I sure hope so! Share your favorite starter kit diffuser blends in the comments below. I’d love to learn from you, and new members will surely enjoy the ideas too.

More of My Favorite Diffuser Blend Ideas

Just received your Premium Starter Kit? Enjoy these 11 easy Starter Kit diffuser blends, using only oils from your brand new 2019 Premium Starter Kit!

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