11 Simple Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

If you use Young Living essential oils, you know the company offers an incredible system of support, education, and community. And it’s a darn good thing they do! Essential oils can be confusing, and at times really overwhelming.

I remember having just opened my Premium Starter Kit. I was so excited to start using the oils, and very thankful that my team leader had sent me a cute welcome packet that included a list of starter kit diffuser blends. Otherwise I would have felt at a loss!

Which oils do I mix together? Which ones are best to try first? How many drops of each oil do I put in?

Young Living Premium Starter Kit Oils and Diffuser

I needed a bit of hand holding. Like, someone to just tell me *exactly* what to do.

So I’ve started sharing my favorite diffuser blends with friends just like you. You can check out a few round ups of fun themed diffuser blends here:

Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

And here, no matter which team you’re on, I’m sharing a number of super easy starter kit diffuser blends with you today, from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. Diffuser blends that anyone can enjoy!

We call these “starter kit diffuser blends” because all of the oils mentioned below come in the Premium Starter Kit that was relaunched in 2019 (the one with Valor and Peace & Calming). So this means if you joined Young Living and recently received your kit, you’re all set! You don’t need to purchase any other oils to enjoy these blends.

8 Super Easy Starter Kit Diffuser Blends

Just pick a blend idea based on your mood or need, and mix and match the oils from your Premium Starter Kit.

It’s as simple as:

  1. Plug in your diffuser
  2. Fill it to the fill line with room temperature water
  3. Put in the suggested number of drops of each oil, and enjoy!

A list of 10 super simple diffuser blends using the Young Living Premium Starter Kit

Common Questions About Diffuser Blends

Wait I messed up the number of drops!

Don’t panic. Unless you put in 100 drops of peppermint (holy HECK don’t do that), you’ll be okay. These diffuser blends are intentionally very flexible. You can add a few drops more of a scent you really love, or cut back on one that you don’t. Accidents happen, and fortunately with diffuser blends it’s pretty low risk.

Ugh I don’t think I like the smell of ________. I’m so disappointed!

I hear this so often. People are so excited to get their hands on Young Living essential oils and then crushed when they don’t like a smell that they thought they would! Sure, maybe there are some smells that you’ll just never love. But more often with essential oils, if you don’t like the smell of an oil at first, the correct course of action is actually to keep using it!

I’ve heard something that says the oils your sense of smell initially “rejects” are the oils your body needs the most! Keep diffusing it, keep trying it. You’ll find as your body becomes more accustomed to the oil that you’re liking to it will turn the corner too. Yay!

Do I really need to clean my diffuser after every use like the manual says?

Okay, so this is hard. According to the Young Living diffuser manuals, yes, you should be cleaning your diffuser in between every single use. But… I fill up 4-5 diffusers around my house, multiple times a day. There’s no way I’m doing a proper thorough cleaning every time. That’s okay.

It is however, important that you clean your diffusers on a regular basis. These diffusers cost a lot of money, and they are super high quality. But you need to take care of your things! And oil residue that builds up inside of your diffuser can do damage over time.

I clean my diffusers once a week. I made it a part of my weekend routine to clean it each Sunday. I have a short video recorded here that walks you through exactly how I clean my diffusers each week!

I’m worried about my kids/dog/elderly parent…

If you’re worried about how certain family members will react to essential oils, know that you’re not alone. This is a common response from a lot of new team members. Maybe you have babies, little kids, or family members with sensitivities in general. Simple. Just start with even fewer drops than listed above. If you’re diffusing oils around kids or pets for the first time you can try 1-2 drops total.

It’s totally okay to start small if you’re worried! Then, day after day add another drop until you reach the maximum recommended drops. Different diffusers have different maximums, so check your manual.

A good tip for animals is to, well first, do your research. But once you’re at home with oils and pets, always leave the room open by way of door or something. An animal is smart, and they will show you their response. They’ll leave the room if it’s unpleasant!

And if you have any serious health concerns regarding your family, always check with your doctor first. Always guys.

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Are you loving the oils in your Premium Starter Kit? I sure hope so! Share your favorite starter kit diffuser blends in the comments below. I’d love to learn from you, and new members will surely enjoy the ideas too.

Just received your Premium Starter Kit? Enjoy these 11 easy Starter Kit diffuser blends, using only oils from your brand new 2019 Premium Starter Kit!

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