6 Internet Approved Shoes I Still Haven’t Tried

Raise your hand if you’d call yourself trendy. Raise your other hand if you’d say you’re quick to jump on what’s “in style”. Me over here? Yea, I’m currently sitting on both of my hands. I am not trendy. And definitely not ahead of any trends. In fact, I’m actually usually very slow to jump on the bandwagon of any kind. #notafashionblogger Usually by the time I come around to the idea of a new style, trend, or brand, it’s almost out of style. I’m that late to the game. So take the fact that I’m calling these shoes “trendy” with a grain of salt. What I really mean to say is hot damn, the internet has not stopped talking about these shoes! Like… for months, or even years. Multiple years people. Is that enough crowdsourced buyin for me to finally add one of these to my cart?

Anyways, I’m going through a stage of life where I desperately need to revamp my wardrobe. I want to Marie Kondo the crap out of my entire closet, getting rid of all the junk. Tossing the pieces I’ve worn for years and years, and finally invest in classic staples that can last me long into motherhood.

The problem right now is that I’m going to be pregnant for another 6 months, and then post-partum and on the newborn baby struggle bus for another who knows how long. So right now is not the time to mess with my wardrobe. But the itch is real friends.

So this summer I want to start somewhere and shoes are basically the only place that makes any sense. I’ve already talked about my desperate desire for new sneakers in my birthday wishlist post. But beyond sneakers, I’m also feeling tempted to toss the bajillion pairs of old, cheap, and worn to shreds shoes that have totally taken over my closet. Flats are my major pitfall right now. Mostly because I’m quick to buy cheapo pairs from Target and Old Navy every season. And while these are some of my favorites, they’re worn. Really, really worn.

And when you’re in the market for something new, where else do you turn for popular opinion besides the internet?

Here are the shoes that the internet seems to be raving about on repeat. And perhaps, just maybe you’ll see me wearing a pair this summer.

  1. Birdies
  2. Rothys
  3. Allbirds
  4. New Balance
  5. Everlane
  6. Tieks
Photo: Kelly in the City

Featured image by: Hello Adams Family

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