What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards (ER) is Young Living’s monthly auto-ship program. It is completely OPTIONAL for wholesale members, but if you are already going to be placing order with Young Living, why not get rewarded with money back and free products?

I decided to enroll in Essential Rewards about 5 months after I first purchased my premium starter kit, and if I’m being honest, my only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner. So, given my own regrets, I feel like it’s crucial to make sure you’re educated on the benefits of this AMAZING program, so that you don’t miss out like I did!

Initially I signed up for the program because it was a great way for me to slowly chip away at my essential oils wishlist. I decided rather than blowing my entire budget on dozens of oils all at once, I’d enroll in the rewards program and pick a few each month!

The Main Benefits of Essential Rewards

  1. You earn points back, to spend like cash. You get 10% back in points (basically like a YL gift card) for being on ER for the first 3 consecutive months. Then you beginning earning 20% back on every ER order! After you have been on ER for 24 months, you get 25% back. Guys, I can’t stress how big this is. The Target Redcard gives you 5% back, everyday. But from day 1 on ER, you’ll earn 10% back. After just 3 months, you’ll earn 20% back. That means if you place a $100 order, you earn 20 points to spend on future orders. That’s like $20 off your order! It’s big.
  2. Every month, YL releases the monthly freebies. When you spend certain PV levels you earn the associated free product. Every month there are multiple freebies at the 100pv and 190pv mark that are exclusive to ER members. You can earn even more free products when you hit 250pv and 300pv.
  3. Loyalty gifts. Thank you! Every 3 months you are on ER you get a free oil! At month 3 you get a free peppermint oil, 6 months a free Thieves oil, 9 months a free Melaluca oil, and at 12 months an exclusive oil that is only available to people that have been on ER for a year called Loyalty!
  4. Better shipping. Boom. ER members also get discounted shipping rates on all orders, and you have access to the Amazon Prime like free shipping options called YL Go and YL Go+.

How Essential Rewards is completely risk free

To signup for Essential Rewards and to remain on the program, you will need to place at least a 50pv order per month (which is roughly $50)—but you have complete control over what you order and when!

Getting on ER has ZERO risks, and in fact, is ONLY beneficial to your wellness journey. You select the date you want your order to process and the products that you want to buy. If one month you have it shipped on February 1st, you can push it back to March 28th for the next month to put a little more time in between each order. And you choose the product! It can be the same every month, or you can try something new. You decide!

In the event that you need to cancel, all you have to do is CALL customer service and request a cancel. No questions asked. You just need to tell them! You will not be penalized for canceling, but if you decide to join again, you will start back over at 10% on the percentage back with 0 accumulated points. That means it’s very important BEFORE YOU CANCEL, to make sure to place one last Quick Order to use up your ER points that you have accumulated, otherwise they get discarded and cannot be used.

Are you wondering why you haven’t signed up for ER yet? You should be! The benefits of this program are just INSANE. The longer you’re on it, you will see the incredible value to being on it!

How to Sign Up

  1. Login to your Virtual Office on the Young Living website
  2. Select “Essential Rewards” on the sidebar
  3. Once you’re on the ER page, the steps are very simple to follow
  4. Choose your product, processing date, and then click SAVE
  5. You have until midnight (MST) on the day your order processes to make any changes

If you’re having trouble, you can also call Customer Service at 1-800-375-3515 and they’ll set it up for you or you can hop on the live chat!

Remember that YOU will pick an order date that works best for you! Maybe you know you don’t get paid until the 15th of every month, so you want to schedule your date for the 16th! You have the option of changing your date each month, if you want. So in the event that you get a bonus or something and you want to order early, you can totally do that with no penalty. It’s flexible!

Each month, you’ll simply log in and update your Essential Rewards order with whatever you want that month. You have until midnight of your order processing date to customize your order!

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